Single Room Student Accommodation in Braamfontein: A Comprehensive Guide

In a single room, you’ll have exclusive use of the space. Most single-room student accommodation offers beds, desks, and other amenities. Students flock to Braamfontein every year to live. The area is quite safe and home to many corporate houses. Students can live a healthy life in Braamfontein. We have compiled a list of the best 8 single-room student accommodation in Braamfontein. These are the most suitable accommodations with must-have amenities. If you are looking for the best single-room student accommodation in Braamfontein, keep reading.

Top 8 Single room student accommodation in Braamfontein

South Point – 56 Jorissen

The first on our list of single room accommodation in Braamfontein is South point. Located at 56 Jorissen St, Braamfontein, student housing is considered luxury student accommodation. You will enjoy private space with the option to connect to others. The apartments are designed to meet modern-day needs. Each and every apartment is well furnished. You have study facilities and a rooftop terrace with incredible views across the city, making it the most desirable student residence in Johannesburg. You can relax in comfortable rooms or chill in the lounge. Besides, you have the option of revising sitting in the study area. 

Choose from luxurious penthouses with private decks or a cluster-style apartment with a shared bathroom and kitchen. There is a fully-equipped auditorium, unlimited access to boardrooms, and Wi-Fi that is always on. Several blocks away are the city’s coolest hangouts. The single room rent starts from R 4,750. Cluster Unit single room costs R 5,000. If you want to live in single apartments, the rent is around R 7,950. You can check in Ezilet whether the student housing is NSFAS-accredited or not.


Life Student Apartments

 Enjoy a comfortable and healthy lifestyle with life student apartments. It is dedicated to student accommodation to lead with the must-have amenities. The rate of single units is R5900 p/m. You also have the option of two or three sharing units. The life student apartments offer Premium Finishes, Wi-Fi, Advanced Security, clubhouse & Outdoor Cinema. Besides, you can enjoy 24/7 internet, gym, study area and much more. The student apartments are near De Korte St. It is one do the complete student accommodation affordable for students who wish to live in Braamfontein. 

Studentology – Braamfontein House

Studentology provides opportunities to enjoy your own private space with comfort. There is also an option for taking roommates for company. The student accommodation only welcomes girls. Young professionals and students who want to live in Braamfontein can enjoy a flexible life in Studentology. The location of the student accommodation is 33 De Beer Street, Braamfontein. Luxury accommodation for a driven individual. You will find designer-curated residences that are decorated and curated just for you. Feel at home, enjoy your private space, and live in the community. The student hostel makes it easy for students to have friends outside lectures and provides you with a community of people. 

Each apartment has a living room, kitchenette, and bedroom set. A tasteful furnishing of artwork and decor makes the apartments feel like home. All you need to bring is your own bedding, linen, and crockery. Besides, there are so many amenities that come with the apartments. Ensure proper security for the woman with 24 hours CCTV camera, and offer free Wi-Fi outdoor garden. Communal living space, 24/7 power, and more. The rental cost depends on what kind of apartment you choose. In Ezilet, students can find out whether the accommodations are NSFAS-accelerated or not.

Nota Bene Student Accommodation

 Nota Bene, a popular student accoumodation in 46 Juta Street, Braamfontein. The student accommodation comes with different amenities, making your life easy and comfortable. Enjoy the semi-furniture rooms with e-suite bathroom and kitchen facilities. Nota Bene student accommodation also welcomes roommates. The apartments provide you price a single space to live a private life. With 24 hours CCTV camera, you feel safe and secure while living in Nota Bene. Enjoy uncapped Wi-Fi, a bus shuttle for the major campuses, and more. The student accommodation also offers entertainment and rooftop chill areas for student recreation. 

If you are looking for a place where you can live a private life with premium facilities in Braamfontein, then you should consider Nota Bene. Moreover, power is available 24 hours a day with full backup. You can use study rooms and computer labs to support your study. You have different options for choosing a suitable room for your living. The price range from R2819 – R8000. You can check in Ezilet to find out whether the single-room accommodation in Braamfontein house is NSFAS accredited or not. 

Campus Africa

 Campus Africa is the place to grow and express yourself if you want to learn and have fun. Braamfontein is home to a vibrant student community. Students here enjoy fully furnished rooms, great security, and a family-like atmosphere. On-campus, African students, can enjoy a private life, study, chill, and enjoy quality living. It is dedicated student housing that has different branches. The residents are located at:

  • Braamlofts
  • 80 Jorissen
  • 49 Jorissen
  • Dunvista Mansions
  • Wynton Joy
  • 126 Siebert
  • YMCA

Whether after a night out or long hours of studying, it’s the perfect place to relax. A place where you can make your university experience fun, friendly, and the best years of your life. Living in Campus Africa is the best way to improve social skills and meet new people. If you want to guarantee a spot, apply on time. A single room in a dormitory will cost approximately 46,000-60,000 ZAR per year. A shared double room cost will be approximately 43,000 ZAR per year. The student accommodation is NSFAS accredited; if you doubt individual branches, you can on Ezilet to determine whether the residence is NSFAS accredited or not. 


18 Jorissen Student Accommodation


The student accommodation provides an ideal choice for female-only students. The place is ideal for those who do not wish to be part of a traditional residence structure. You can wish to enjoy student life to the fullest. Form 2016, the place has been providing quality accommodation to the student of Braamfontein. 

You can choose from single or double fully furnished luxurious rooms that provide quality living space. Modern blinds enhance privacy and Sealy mattresses for extra support and comfort.

Fashion-conscious students need additional cupboard space for packing and hanging clothes. This is why the student hostel also offers laundry facilities for female students. Additionally, there is also an option for open wash and open wash for dying. Enjoy a quality library space with 24/7 Wi-Fi facilities. So students can prepare for exams and complete assignments on time without hassle. 

Everyone is welcome to use communal kitchens in residence to share their daily experiences, support one another, relax and enjoy themselves. It is always a pleasure to use the bathroom and kitchen.

Shopping malls and markets are close to the hostel. With 24/7 fingerprint access, students can still live in peace. It is complete NSFAS accredited accommodation for female students. Single rooms cost R6000 per month. And there is also an option for two or three sharing rooms. 

Student-hub Jozi

Students hub Jozi offers full NTFS accredited rooms for students. The student accommodation is located at 6 Ameshoff St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The student housing offer full private space for student, including sharing option. The apartment has a private bathroom(toilet, basin, shower) and a kitchen with a sink. Each student gets their own wardrobe, desk, chair, bed, and bookshelf.

Building amenities include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Biometric access control with 24/7 security
  • A community center with a kitchen, TV, pool table, foosball, and study area

For sharing a room, the rental cost is R 4480. Student Hub is a brand new student residence designed to provide the most engaging student experience for an unbeatable price. Your place to study, at the heart of the city.


The last of our 8 best single-room student accommodation in Braamfontein is Student digz. Student Digz offers comfortable, safe off-campus student accommodation in the Braamfontein area. The Student Digz team offers modern student accommodation with excellent study facilities, private space, and contemporary life but a responsible vibe. With our range of options and trendy interior designs, students can succeed in their studies while enjoying a vibrant social life.

University students and their parents can rest assured that off-campus accommodation will be well-maintained, safe, and monitored. The Student Digz team uses advanced access control technology and maintains high living standards. In addition, they ensure that students study in a comfortable environment. The cost of single premium rooms starts at R 5000 per month. Besides, there is an option for two or three sharing rooms. The single communal rooms cost R 4,600 per month.

About Ezilet

Ezilet connects university, college, and vocational students to off-campus student hostels and accommodation. If you are looking for suitable student accommodation in Johannesburg, you must use the website. Because Ezilet will help you to find the most suitable accommodation near your campus. Furthermore, using Ezilet is very easy and free. International students use Ezilet to find a suitable living space that meets their needs. Ezilet is one of the largest platforms for finding student accommodation worldwide. Please visit the website for all other student dormitory listings in South Africa and globally.


Final Words

Hope the list of 8 single room accommodations in Braamfontein will be very helpful in selecting a suitable place for you to live. Therefore, you can lead a normal life in Braamfontein while continuing to study. The student accommodation we have included in our list provide proper security and standard living option with the best studying environment for the students. 


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