Is Student Housing only for Students?

A student apartment is an off-campus accommodation or housing for the students. These are mostly private apartments for the students. Typically, student apartments are affordable and small in size. This is why many young professionals and couples prefer this type of house. Is student housing only for students? This is one of the burning questions nowadays. The answer is very simple, and there is no hard rule. While some student housing admits only students, others allow young professionals and couples. Besides, it depends on the rules and regulations of the particular housing. 

Additionally, nowadays more young professionals are looking forward to renting student apartments. This article will help you  to understand why young professionals like to live in student rooms and dormitories. 

Top reasons for admitting young professionals and your couples into student housing


The main reason for welcoming young professionals into student accommodation is market dynamics. Student accommodation is only available to students if there is no shortage of students. Due to student housing shortages, landlords often admit only students. As a result, student housing is only available to students in those cases. The occupancy rates of students are the main reason that determines the factors. Some countries have higher student occupancy rates. For example, South Africa has 95 per cent, and the UK has 96 per cent. Furthermore, this is not true for certain cities. And the student occupancy rate is low in other countries too. If student housing is scarce, landlords accept young professionals.  

If there is an oversupply of student housing, landlords may rent to young couples and families. Many students and young professionals live in student apartments near Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. Because the average student occupancy rate is 86% there. Furthermore, student accommodation in Stellenbosch properties is available for young professionals.

South Africa also offers private student rooms for young people. If the student housing is not NSFAS-accredited. Most of the time, such student accommodation welcomes young professionals. 

How you will know whether the student housing is for students only  

Young professionals and couples should read the advertisement first before applying to rent. 

Additionally, students and young professionals should not conclude that without knowing the requirements. For understanding, you must look at the requirements, that will give you an understanding of the factor. Additionally, you can see what information is available on a particular rental apartment’s website and on the posters. For instance, some would list the following:

  • Suitable also for young professionals;
  • No couples 
  • No family sharing and no children 
  • Only students 
  • No parties allowed 
  • Postgraduate students only 

What Makes Student Housing Ideal for young professionals and young couples? 

Your professionals are more likely to live in student housing. There are many reasons for this. Young couples and young professionals are drawn to uni student dorms due to the following reasons:

  • Some of them are still studying or willing to pursue post-graduation degrees. Therefore, they must be near universities and colleges, which ultimately help them attend classes and labs. 
  • Many students take part-time jobs at universities. Those who work for universities may wish to live near their places of work. 
  • It helps them to attend part-time lectures in the universities. This is why they like to live near the university. Besides, these types of classes start mostly in the evening. This is why they need student accommodation or housing to live to walk to the universities easily.
  • Student housing and student accommodation in the form of student apartments. These uni student dorms come with furniture, which does not burden young professionals financially. Besides, it helps them to invest in other sectors rather than furniture. Additionally, they can use the money for education. 
  • Having an apartment between their place of employment and university is very beneficial. This helps young professionals to balance their education and job life. Additionally, young couples cannot spend much on rent. For them, also student hostels are a blessing. However, some student housing doesn’t allow couples. 

The benefit for landlords when admitting young professionals and young couples 

Landlords also get benefits for admitting young professionals. If there is a vacancy in their off-campus student housing, they can fill the position. In addition, it helps them earn the money they calculated. Countries like the UK and USA have high student occupancy rates. Besides, few cities in different countries get thousands of students each year. But as we mentioned above, that is not the case for all countries and cities.

Besides, most students are likely to rent the housing at the beginning of the year. But student rooms are in demand among your professionals all over the year, making an ideal situation for the landlords and homeowners. Because of the young professionals they can rent their house anytime. Which is beneficial for the house owners. Besides, homeowners feel safer renting their houses to professionals or small families. 

How young professionals and couples can find the best Student accommodation 

Working students, young professionals, and tiny families can enjoy renting student accommodation. If you are looking for student accommodation, you should consider using Ezilet, an easy platform with global connections. You can search for the best student accommodation close to your university with the budget amount. Young professionals can use the platform to find student housing. Besides, the platform maintains a student housing directory for young professionals. 

With Ezilet, you will find, connect, and rent student housing that fits every lifestyle.  Like luxury student accommodation and cheap student accommodation. With its directory, you can easily find affordable student accommodation. A primary goal of Ezilet is to make rental processes 100% easier. If you have a limited budget, you can use a filter to include the amenities you require. To find your dream student accommodation at Ezilet, CLICK HERE. Some student accommodation properties prohibit young couples. 

Moreover, the platform provides landlords and property owners with a low-cost way to advertise their properties online.

The website is user-friendly and allows you to sign up for free and search for the available dorms. Ezilet’s student accommodation platform is also useful for students and young professionals. 

Final Thought 

Student housing depends on how landlords advertise their rentals. Searching for student accommodation for young professionals can be a challenging task. However, with Ezilet, your search is made easy worldwide. Ezilet makes it possible to find cheap accommodation near the campuses or other places of convenience. You will also see a list of people providing luxury rental apartments or rooms near the campuses.

The rental market for student housing heavily influences landlords. With an oversupply of student rooms and housing, they’ll be more attracted to young professionals and couples. Additionally, if there is a shortage of students, the scenario can be different. 

To explore the Ezilet website for dream rentals, CLICK HERE. 


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