The top 10 Student Hostels and Dormitories in Singapore

When living away from home, finding a place to stay is important. You should plan it ahead of time before you leave your own country. Singapore is the City-State, which means the name refers to both a country and the country’s capital city. The city offers world-class education opportunities for international students. Every year thousands of students come to Singapore to study here.

A variety of companies in Singapore run private or off-campus student hostels. These student dormitories are for all older students of Polytechnics and Universities. Those who have a valid pass can stay in these hostels. Besides, all the staff at these hostels are trained and experienced. They maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Consequently, full board services allow students to concentrate more on studying, helping them achieve higher study results. Moreover, these hostels offer more conducive learning environments for students. Take a look at the top 10 student hostels and dormitories in Singapore.

The top 10 student hostels and dormitories in Singapore

Assemblage Hostel 

The fresh modern student hostel is direct across from Holland Village on a hilltop. It is close to the National University of Singapore. For the bohemian lifestyle, it is one of the best student hostels in Singapore. In other words, you can engage in musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits.

With a modern and attractive student dormitory, student accommodation revolutionizes hostel life for college students. Besides, all bedrooms have new furniture and have private bathrooms. As a result, students can relax in their area and experience the comforts of home. Additionally, local and international students can stay in full comfort. Students will also get privacy curtains on shared bunk beds. All rooms have bedside power outlets for charging personal devices. Moreover, the study space is really cozy for everyone.

The Assemblage provides free access to high-speed internet around the clock. With 24-hour CCTV coverage, you can be certain that your and your belongings’ safety is a top priority. Thanks to a superior biometric access lock and on-site security, every student is safe. The monthly rent is around S$1,600/month, and the registration fee is $150 (inclusive of GST). The Holland Village enclave will accommodate any lifestyle.

Singapore Eton 

The hostel is popular and renowned for providing high-quality student accommodation services. Nearby schools include Nanyang Institute of Management, Hambridge International School, Shelton International College, etc. It’s located in a lush and green environment at Alexandra Park.

Eton Hall was founded in 1992 and has since housed a few thousand students. It provides a welcoming and secure environment for its students. Besides, a new condominium complex was built at Eton Hall in 2017 to house international students. Air conditioning, a wardrobe, a desk, a chair, and a bed are included in every room.

Additionally, microwaves, induction cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, and kitchens are available in public spaces. A swimming pool, gym, BBQ area, and other amenities are available. After the reservation process, you must pay a one-month rental deposit. A student must include an IPA, a passport copy, and a receipt for your accommodation registration. This is a part of their security plan. Furthermore, the accommodation charges a one-time registration fee of S $ 168.0. Rent is paid in advance for 4/6/12 months.

East Lodge @ Clementi 

For students looking for affordable accommodation, this is one of the most suitable Student hostels. Therefore, the Clementi Student Hostel has been thoughtfully constructed to accommodate students. The hotel is located at 1 Albert Winsemius Lane. It is nearby the National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, etc. The Singapore Tourism Board recognizes it as an alternative to standard student accommodation in Singapore.

Besides, this hostel is well equipped for about 600 students housing. Clementi Hostel now has over 500 students from all around the world. Furthermore, there are four-in-one, two-in-one, and single rooms available. A separate 46-room block can also accommodate students with higher standards.

All the rooms feature a private bathroom and air conditioning. Besides, the room rental is renewable per the contractual time and the advance rental. This applies to both new and existing renters. The room costs $ 850.00 for 6mths and $ 900.00 for 3mths and a one-time registration fee of $100. The room rent includes:

  • Standard furnishings.
  • Electrical and water utility rates.
  • The use of the fully equipped, centrally situated kitchen. However, no kitchen utensils are provided.

MDIS Residences @ Stirling 

While living away from home, accommodations are an important consideration. International students need to arrange their accommodations before they leave home. It is possible to find a variety of accommodation options in Singapore, depending on your budget. The student accommodation is located at 503 Stirling Rd; International students can seek assistance with accommodation arrangements from MDIS. Curtin Singapore, the National University of Singapore, is close to MDIS residences housing. YOU have a different option when choosing a room in residence. The hostel rooms cost S$970/month per month. There is also an option for a double room, single suit, quad room, etc.

YMCA @ One Orchard


YMCA residents are close to shopping malls, hospitals, sports facilities, and restaurants. It is located at 1 Orchard Rd Singapore Management University, Amity Global Institute, Singapore; Newton international college is near the accommodation.

YMCA will provide internet access, security, a laundry room, a kitchen, and twice-weekly housekeeping. A single room, double-sharing, or quartet-sharing are all viable possibilities for lodging. The cost of a room varies depending on the lease length and accommodation type. The single rooms cost S$1740 per month. The front desk receptionist at Beacon is courteous and always willing to help with any questions. The following are the amenities available at YMCA Student Hostel:


Students’ Lounge

The YMCA cares about students’ well-being. As a result, during breaks, students can rest and relax in a student lounge. The student lounge provides a convenient place for students to eat. Students have access to snack and drink machines in the student lounges and across campus. Besides, individual study tables provide a relaxing atmosphere for students.


Swimming Pool

 You can relax in the rooftop swimming pool while enjoying the beautiful views of the city. It is open from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm so that you can swim in the morning to start your day off right or follow it up with an evening swim to wind down the day. Additionally, The pool is also equipped with sun-loungers for the enthusiastic sun-bathers.


In addition to free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. The student housing has the equipment you need in our gym, so no matter how long or short your vacation might be, you will be able to keep your fitness levels in check.

Singapore Selegie Student Hostel 

The next on our list of top ten hotels and dormitories in Singapore is the Selegie student hostel. For international students, the hostel provides a safe and comfortable living environment. Besides, it is specially designed for international students. Students will feel like a second home while living in Seligie.  

The hostel is located at 1A short ST. This is an ideal place for Kaplan Higher Education, TMC Academy, and SRM College students. Students can reach these institutions in a minute by foot from this apartment. Besides, This hostel has a reliable security system that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, each pupil is protected by a closed-circuit television monitoring system. There is a basketball court, a study room, a lounge and activity area, and other amenities in the apartment.

Moreover, the deluxe room types are divided into single, double, and three-room categories. The single rooms cost S$ 1,650 per month. As a result, each student can find their own housing.

The Hive Singapore Hostel 

The Hive Singapore Hostel is located at 624A Serangoon Rd. The hostel is close to universities like James cook University and Monash college Singapore. You can easily book a room and start to live in the Hive hostel. The hostel is just 9 minutes from the Farrer Park metro station; this hostel is just 5 km from Merlion Park and the National Gallery Singapore. Furthermore, bunk beds and free Wi-Fi are available in all single and mixed dorm rooms. Breakfast is served in a colorful lounge, laundry facilities, and overseas landline calls for a fee. In addition to a TV/game room. It is also run for the convenience of surrounding businesses that have difficulty finding accommodation. In addition, take advantage of all the facilities and services available.

Singapore Novena Hall Student Hostel

If you remain in the city’s central location, studying in Singapore might be profitable and convenient. The Noven hall student hostel made it to our list to provide consistent service to the student. Making this little island a fast-growing economy in Asia requires a lively urban life. The student accommodation is near the East Asia Institute of Management (EASB). Besides, students living here can take a walk of 18 minutes to reach the university. In the year 2000, Novena Hall International Students’ Hostel was founded. In addition, the hostel has been serving the city’s core area’s schools and universities. A single superior room costs SGD 1900 for a 3-month contract. There is also an option for an economy room, twin sharing room, and more.

Beat hostel @boat Quarry

The beat hostel gives an incomparable hostel experience with superior services and programs. Providing a safe, comfortable, holistic, and culturally diverse environment is their main goal. They also offer everything they have to offer at a very reasonable price. The hostel is located at 50 Boat Quay, University of North West, Monash College Singapore is close to the hostel. Each room has a locker and free Wi-Fi; towels are available for a fee. A modern industrial feel prevails in the shared bathrooms. Breakfast is served in a hip communal kitchen with views of the city all day. So come to beat hostel, make your home away from home. The capsule room costs per day, making it quite easy for one to live.  

Ark Hostel Singapore  

The last one of our ton ten hostels and dormitories in Singapore is Ark Hostel. This hostel ensures a comfortable environment for students. Besides, Ark has always been a popular option for international students looking for a place to stay. The rooms are great to live in. Furthermore, there are so many facilities that include every student’s needs. James Cook University and Trent global college are near the hostel. The student accommodation provides different amities to make your life easy.

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These are the most popular top 10 hostels and dormitories in Singapore. This is the best hostel and place to stay across the country with quality amenities. Feel free to reserve any of them if you wish to stay in Singapore. They will serve the needs of the international college, university, and vocational students.


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