The Biggest Auckland Park UJ Student Accommodation For Safer Stay

The University of Johannesburg is a popular higher education institution that attracts thousands of students annually. The university has four campuses: Auckland Park Kingsway, Auckland Park Bunting Road, Doornfontein, and Soweto. All these places are conveniently situated throughout Johannesburg’s metropolitan area. Students need quality accommodation to continue their studies. To make your life easier, you should select off-campus accommodations with must-have amenities that make your life easier. Even though Auckland is one of the biggest cities in the country, it still maintains a pretty relaxed atmosphere. In comparison to other major cities, it’s less crowded, and the locals are friendly. Auckland Park provides a relaxing, secure lifestyle for its residents. We have compiled a list of the biggest Auckland park UJ student accommodations for your convenience. It will help you to find suitable off-campus accommodation in Auckland Park.

The biggest Auckland Park UJ Student Accommodation


The Richmond

Richmond Life offers affordable but premium quality student accommodation in Johannesburg. The off-campus student accommodation is in Richmond Central, 38 Richmond Ave, Auckland Park. The most amazing fact about the off-campus student accommodation is that it is NSFAS Accredited. A great benefit of living off-campus is having access to amenities. The student housing offers students living at the most convenient location, close to UJ, WITS. Additionally, you will have easy access to transport hubs and shopping centres and can enjoy awesome hangout spots with friends.

Richmond Life Centres of student living also ensure students’ safety, security, style, and freedom. All the single rooms and two-sharing rooms offer excellent quality and are fully furnished. The place will ensure the privacy you need to study and relax. Additionally, the lovely communal areas provide a great opportunity for students to socialize. There are also air-conditioned TVand games rooms, WiFi facility, gym, soccer, laundry facility, and more, which will make your life easier. You can enjoy 11 monthly contacts of R4,850 (per month). Besides, there are different options available to you in terms of renting a room, depending on your preference.Some of the most attractive features of The Richmond is

  • The student accommodation is only 80m from the UJ Kingsway Campus.
  • 24/7 security and access control in a safe and secure environment
  • You can enjoy a free bus to the WITS campus.
  • Buildings are clean and well maintained.
  • As you walk across the street from the student accommodation, you will find various restaurants and shops in Campus Square.

The Campus

Located at 10 Streatley Ave, Auckland Park, The Campus is another off-campus student accommodation that ensures high living standards. The place is at the doorstep of the UJ campus and 4km away from Wits. The student accommodation offers 852 individual private rooms. The rooms are all en-suite (which means every room offers a bathroom). Residents can share lounges and kitchens with others. This will help you to socialize and make new friends. Besides, Student can enjoy their dedicated kitchen at the end of their floor. Using a car or bike help students to get to class or nearby shops. With 166 parking spaces undercover, it makes it easy for a student to park their bike or cars. You can enjoy

  • Rooftop sundeck and pool
  • Canteen with a coffee shop
  • Comprehensive gym
  • Games room
  • Cinema and auditorium
  • Laundry rooms
  • Communal kitchens
  • Computer lab interactive study areas

There are a total of six different apartment options available for the students to choose from. You can rent a suitable one based on your needs. The price range from (R6 125.00 – R6 345.00 per month).

Richmond Corner

Are you looking for the biggest Auckland Park UJ Student Accommodation? Then it would help if you considered Richmond Corner. The student accommodation started its journey in 2020. This is why the place offers modern and advanced facilities for the students. The Richmond Corner is close to Campus Square, making retail shopping convenient. Each quality apartment offers a single bed plus mattress, a double storage built-in cupboard, a desk and chair, bookshelves, and a bin. The apartments have a common bathroom and kitchen with lockers, a four-plate hob, microwave, fridge, and dining area. The high-quality student accommodation is at 56 Richmond Ave, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092. You can enjoy

  • Common lounge with TV, DSTV, couches, and pool table
  • Seating on a rooftop garden
  • Outdoor gym
  • The collaborative study area for individuals and groups
  • WiFi
  • Cleaning service once a week, in-house maintenance
  • Laundry room

The place ensures complete security for students with biometric access, CCTV & 24/7 security. You can easily walk to Richmond Corner (500m) from the UJ campus to maximize your time and save money. The cost of the private room starts forms R5,500 per month. There is also an option for sharing rooms that cost around R4,850 per month.

Kingsway Place

The next to our list is Kingway place, located at 66 Kingsway Ave. For total peace of mind, it provides luxury, safe student accommodation with an exclusive hospitality approach to service. You can take a short walk to reach the University of Johannesburg, Wits, shops, and enjoy student hangout spots while living in the place. Each unit offers four single rooms, with a bathroom and kitchen. Within a vibrant student environment, students enjoy total privacy while enjoying communal spaces for studying, socializing, and entertaining. You can enjoy water backup, 24/7 security, a suitable study area, and more. The student accommodation offers

  • Fully Furnished p (750m from UJ Campus)
  • WiFi
  • FREE Bus to Wits
  • Laundry Room TV
  • Lounges Roof Chill Areas & Outdoor Chess and more

Rental costs start at R5,500 per month and go up from there. Students can choose from various packages to live in a premium quality space with all the necessary amenities. The student life manager ensures all necessities are taken care of by the student life staff so you can focus on what you do best.


Parents want to ensure their child is safe and secure when they live away from home. Melden ensures all students enjoy a good life and get a proper environment to study. The student accommodation is located in high patrol areas near local amenities so that you can feel confident in their safety. It is located at 197 Perth Rd and near to UJ campus. With this accommodation, you can live a luxurious lifestyle while continuing to study.

In addition to providing affordable off-campus housing, Melden Accommodation also offers facilities, such as WiFi, DSTV, laundry, and housekeeping. You can also get continuous water and electricity, which are all included in the monthly rental and amenities. For those looking for safe, comfortable, and convenient accommodation to begin their educational journey, Malden Accommodation is a perfect choice. There is a different option so students can find living in Melden more convenient. You can choose from single rooms, sharing rooms, 2 sharing cottages, and more. The rental cost starts from 2.700, which is pretty low. Also, there are luxurious options that you can choose from so that you can have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Uni Stay student accommodation

The last in the biggest Auckland Park UJ Student Accommodation list is Uni Stay student accommodation. They offer a wide range of properties for the students. You can enjoy a luxurious life with all the must-have amenities like parking, pool, party area, gym, and other facilities. The most amazing fact about Uni Stay is that they offer a wide range of options for students who are willing to live in Auckland park. The student accommodation is located on Perth road. You can rent, share single rooms, and have options for cottages and apartments. Enjoy the fully furnished accommodation with hygienic living conditions. They also assist students unfamiliar with the aspects of rentals and related issues.

Besides, they ensure proper maintenance and complete safety of students.

The authority cares about your safety & well-being. You can do detailed on-site inspections for your convenience. Aside from that, rental prices are also different, and you can choose from various options. You can easily register to start living a quality life with Uni stay. The rental starts from R4, 880. With Uni Stay, you can lead a healthy life with a lard yard and greenery.

About Ezilet

Ezilet connects university, college, and vocational students to off-campus student hostels and accommodation. If you are looking for suitable Auckland Park UJ student accommodation in Johannesburg, you must use the website. Because Ezilet will help you to find the most suitable accommodation near your campus. Furthermore, using Ezilet is very easy and free. International students use Ezilet to find a suitable living space that meets their needs. Ezilet is one of the largest platforms for finding student accommodation worldwide. Please visit the website for all other student dormitory listings in South Africa and globally.

Final Words

The decision to move off campus may seem complex, but the reasons are quite straightforward. The benefits include saving money, having more space, and setting your own rules. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy cool amenities, as well as gain some valuable life experience. Auckland Park is one of the few suburbs close to Johannesburg city. Auckland Park is home to a mix of nationalities and cultures. Thus, it is a great place for students to live and continue their education. Hope the list of The biggest Auckland park UJ student accommodations will help you to find a suitable place for you. These places offer a wide variety of accommodations suited to all budgets. You can easily register for all the places and begin leading a healthy and secure life.


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